Repeat Guests -When One Visit Isn’t Enough

Have you ever met someone who returns to the same vacation destination year after year? Maybe they return to the same hotel and even book the same room.  Do you ever wonder what the thinking is behind vacationers for whom one visit to a resort is never enough?

There are several factors to consider. Let’s explore a few of them:

Familiarity – There’s something about coming back to a place they know they’ll love.  Familiar faces and layout can make for a very relaxing visit. Returning to the same spot can feel like slipping into an easy-chair in your own living room. You know what it feels like, and you know what to expect. It’s comfortable, it’s easy and you feel secure. Everything is as you know it should be, or at least very close.

Amazing food – Traveler’s today expect a special culinary experience in addition to comfortable accommodations. While hotels strive to surprise and delight, the return guest is looking for the same delights they’ve had before.  There may be a certain comfort in eating foods that they know or they have such faith in the chef that they know the surprise may be that it tastes better than they remember, or that the chef has a trick up his sleeve and prepares a familiar dish with a special twist.

Family/ Friend Tradition – Sometimes the resort means a lot because of the traveling companions. It could be where they met their significant other, where they got engaged, got married, or celebrated a special event, such as an anniversary. Or it could be the site of a couple’s trip or a girl’s weekend. Either way, when you associate a positive event with a vacation location, you may want to return.

Special Treatment – It’s a great feeling to be recognized at the Front Desk when you’re checking in and to hear those beautiful words, “Welcome Back”. Repeat guests usually know what room number they want, or at least what area of the property they desire. Some resorts offer special features to return guests; whether it’s an in-room gift, special reception or cocktail hour.

For the resort, a repeat guest is the ultimate compliment.  They want to know their guests by their names and not just a room number. A good resort will encourage the staff to acknowledge return guest and give them special treatment and at the same time make sure they create a vacation that others will want to repeat.


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