It’s your day; what to wear, what to wear?

Planning her marriage is the most exciting time of a woman’s life. This is the one day that she wants everything to be perfect and most of all she wants her wedding outfit to be breathtaking, but also to display her quiet, quirky or vibrant personality. Now she has picked her wedding location, the time has come to go shopping for a dress that is exclusive and unique whether she goes with her mother, matron of honor, sister or friend. There is no specific etiquette on how to dress for a beach wedding, so she can let her imagination run riot and do her own thing.

What are the choices of attire for a tropical destination wedding?

• A long, formal gown.
• A short, formal gown.
• A long, casual dress.
• A short, casual dress.
• A Boho, vintage dress.
• Long Palazzo pants and a decorative top.
• Short Palazzo pants and a smart top.
• Dressy shorts and a chic top.
• Casual shorts and a stylish top.
• Bathing suits.

Once the bride has decided on the wedding venue, whether it is to be on a beach, at a poolside or on a terrace, she can then choose which type of clothing she will feel most glamorous and comfortable in. Keeping the cost of the wedding to a budget is very important and must be considered when planning what to wear. This is the bride’s day, so she should have the final say in whether she wants a formal or informal wedding.

1. A long, formal gown is most brides’ fantasy. If the wedding is poolside, on a terrace or in gardens, a gown with a long train can be considered. The dress can be figure-hugging with a flared hemline, full-skirted with billowing tulle or straight skirted from a decorative waistline. Because of the tropical location, she might choose a strapless dress or one with a plunging neckline and a low back to show off her beautiful tan.

2. Not all brides feel comfortable in a long gown especially if there are steps to navigate, so a short, formal gown either knee length or calf length might be more suitable. Dresses come with attractive décolletages, shoestring straps and flowing fabric that accentuate the bust line. Skirts can be tight, full or fashionably shorter at the front and longer at the back with a fluted hemline.

3. Many brides may opt for a long, casual dress with the idea of wearing it to other occasions after the wedding. Fabrics can be silk, cotton or cotton blend with bold colors and designs or pastel shades emulating a traditional gown, but feeling less formal. Daring brides might choose a side, back or front split in the fitted or flowing skirt to reveal tanned legs.

4. Brides with simpler tastes might choose a short, casual dress, which creates a more relaxed atmosphere especially if it is a small, private wedding. Not every bride wants a special dress, many like something they can wear time and time again. That way the bride can wear the dress for the marriage ceremony all day long and dance the night away without having to change. Special family or antique jewelry will enhance even the plainest of outfits.

5. Boho and vintage dresses are becoming more popular. These come with fringed hemlines in lace, chiffon or silk and can be sleeveless, long or short sleeved. Many have intricate embroidery and different styles like a kimono with batwing sleeves or a muumuu. Wear them with laced-up boots, sandals or shoes. With a vast variety of colors and styles, they really portray the bride’s personality and individuality and need not cost a fortune.

6. Long Palazzo pants and a pretty top can either be coordinated or a contrast to each other. Many women prefer pants to a dress, so these are the perfect solution as many come with wide legs and resemble a long dress, but allow more freedom. The top can be plain, embroidered, encrusted with pearls or diamante and as exceptional as the bride. An outfit like this can prove very versatile. The items can be worn together or separately and will have many uses after the wedding.

7. Short Palazzo pants can reach the knees or the calves. Either will look nice with a pair of fancy sandals ideal for sandy beaches. Pants like these can either be dressed up or dressed down depending on the kind of wedding planned. Tops can be strapless, sleeved, patterned or highly decorated, the choice is endless. Select a plain top and add a fancy, bejeweled belt to wear for the marriage ceremony and then discard it for wearing to other occasions later.

8. Many brides getting married on beaches prefer elegant shorts and an attractive sun top. They feel this attire more suitable for a tropical wedding. They can embellish their outfit by adding exotic colors that match the flowers in their bouquet, winding blossoms in their hair and wearing strappy sandals decorated with beads.

9. Casual shorts and a classy blouse or sun top work just as well for a beach wedding. After all the bride and groom are probably booked to stay for a vacation or their honeymoon and the bride might not want go to the trouble of carrying a dress that might be creased on her arrival and that she will never wear again.

10. Nothing adds fun to an informal wedding more than everyone in beachwear. The bride can still have a hair band with a short veil attached, while the groom and other males wear flippers on their feet. These crazy antics make wedding photos more individual and entertaining. Photos taken with everyone splashing in the ocean is something very different to show your future children.

Getting married on one of the many island beaches is now more popular than ever. Whichever venue the bride chooses and whatever attire she prefers, her wedding day is sure to be memorable. Part of the fun of planning a wedding is making her dreams come true by choosing the perfect destination, donning her ideal wedding garb and exchanging vows with the man that she loves. Every bride has her own ideas about the picture perfect outfit she wants to wear—so she should go ahead and wear it; after all she may only get married once.


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