Fun at Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Once you’re at your vacation destination, excursions can be tricky to plan. It is important to be sure that if you’re leaving your Tree House Paradise, that the excursion will be worth the trip,  be enjoyable, and leave you with lasting memories.  Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, is an excursion that fits that criteria, and is a definite ‘must do’ on your visit to Jamaica.

About Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s best known attractions, welcoming thousands of visitors a year who come for It’s unique beauty, and the challenge and fun of climbing your way to the top.  It is a natural wonder, known to geologist as “a living phenomenon”. Sourced by spring water and continuously rebuilt by the sediments contained in that spring water. Dunn’s River Falls is one of a select few places here known as national treasures.  Here the waterfalls and springs offer some of the most stunning sights on the island. To the Spaniards this area was known as “Las Chorreras.” This is because a battle of the same title was fought here in 1657. The battle was for ownership of the island and was between the English and the Spanish Expeditionary Force from Cuba. The English won this battle and Charles Pryce was the first official owner of the area. 

Dunn’s River Falls is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean, and even possibly the world. No other Jamaica tourist attraction is quite like this one. It is one of Jamaica’s fastest growing excursion areas, and for good reason. Its natural and historic setting has falls that climb to over 600 meters. Here visitors can also enjoy authentic Jamaican food and see the waters cascade into the Caribbean Sea.

At just under 3 hours from the Resort, the trip to Dunn’s River Falls will take up most of your day, so plan accordingly.  This and other excursions can be pre-booked online through the website.

Use these tips to make the most out of your visit:

  • Facilities are available at the more scenic points along the falls for picnicking and changing
  • Water shoes are recommended, if you don’t bring your own, you can rent a pair
  • Bring your camera; a waterproof camera if you have one.  You will capture beautiful scenic pictures and videos, as well as capturing moments that cannon be duplicated elsewhere
  • Unless you are very adventurous, secure a guide to help you avoid the pitfalls, and slippery rocks
  • Plan to get wet
  • Plan to have fun!

There are many Jamaica tourist attractions you and your family can visit. No matter what else you see and do on this amazing island, be sure to stop at Dunn’s River Falls. 


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