Floyd’s Pelican Bar: A Unique Jamaican Experience

Visitors to Negril, Jamaica can’t miss the unique experience of visiting Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Not only is it a picturesque, rustic bar that fits right in with the tropical island scenery, but it’s also located out in the middle of the ocean on a sandbar. The only way to reach it is by boat.

Getting There

The bar is located about a mile or so out from beautiful Treasure Beach and a boat ride will take about 10 to 25 minutes, depending on where the boat is coming from. Upon arrival, Floyd’s Pelican Bar truly looks like it’s on a deserted island. The rustic hut has the appearance of haphazardly constructed palm fronds and driftwood, but visitors needn’t worry, it’s totally solid and sturdy. Boats are available from Parotee Point, Treasure Beach or Black River. The quickest ride is from Parotee Point. Getting to one of these places from Negril  is about a 90 minute drive by car. Visitors coming from Montego Bay or Sandals Whitehouse can expect between one and two and a half hour travel times.

Floyd’s History

Floyd, the owner of the bar, had a dream of a bar on stilts in the middle of the ocean. He worked to construct it by taking wood over to the sandbar on his fishing boat. It was finally completed in 2001 and he named it after the plentiful pelicans in the area. When Floyd first built the bar, he meant it as a hangout for him and his fishing buddies. However, local hotels began spreading the word of the unique bar and soon it became a big tourist attraction. In 2004, the original bar was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, but local residents and business owners got together and donated money to have it reconstructed.

What To Do

Floyd’s is located far away from big crowds of tourists and bustling businesses. Guests will be out in the middle of nowhere on an island, watching the sea and the birds. Most visitors come to hang out at the bar and enjoy a beer or meal, but it’s also possible to get in some snorkeling or even just relaxing in the sun surrounded by the sea breeze. Red Stripe Jamaican beer is a constant on the menu, but the Pelican Perfection is another popular draw. This tasty drink is made from lime juice, rum and ginger beer. For food, fish and lobster dishes are popular and, for those in a hurry, it’s possible to call ahead and order. The bar is quaintly decorated with local art and mementos from previous visitors. Guests can buy handmade items or leave their name and date of visit carved into the wood floor.


– Bring cash
– No bathrooms or changing rooms
– Don’t bring valuables
– Do bring a memento to leave behind


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