Easter Traditions in the Caribbean

Easter in the Caribbean is celebrated with great fanfare, solemn dress and wonderful foods. Since the islands of the Caribbean are mainly Christian, visitors can expect to find celebration in many forms to recognize the risen Savior. Some of the traditions are Christian mixed with Caribbean culture. Most are unique to these islands where residents are devout, but not just with one religion.

Before the Lenten season begins, Carnival celebrations abound. The drinking, daring costumes and party atmosphere are a great contrast to the attitudes on Maundy, Thursday and Good Friday. On Friday, expect to find congregations of women dressed in white and black, expressing the solemnity of the cross and the burial of Jesus.

After church on Easter Sunday, expect another mood change. People are happy as they celebrate the resurrection with dinners spread with all kinds of traditional foods. Where on Friday the island people could only eat fish and vegetables, Sunday the tables are filled with spiced buns filled with currants, dried fruits and cinnamon. These Easter buns are eaten with different cheeses. Codfish cakes, grilled Snapper and plenty of yams will make the other dishes.

Christianity mixed with superstition and local lore is very common on the islands.

Eggs are not colored and hidden on the beaches for Easter on the islands. Rather, egg whites are dropped in Holy Water on Maundy Thursday. By Good Friday the egg whites are supposed to display a pattern. Locals use these patterns to predict the future. In Haiti, Easter is celebrated with a mix of Christian and Voodoo traditions. Rara music, bands, and visits to church for the Christians and Souvenance for those who practice Voodoo. Some worship the African spirits while others worship Christ.

Kite-flying and making is a serious tradition practiced during the Easter holiday. Kite makers on Barbados fashion their kites and then go the beaches to fly them. Whole families will be there with picnic baskets. Flying kites is supposed to symbolize the resurrected Christ. Visitors will love seeing the colorful display against the blue sky. However, getting in the water is supposed to be bad juju. Locals believe stepping into the water during this somber celebration will turn people to fish. Others believe it is simply disrespectful to sunbathe during this serious holiday.
The Caribbean islands are a wonderful Easter destination no matter what you believe. Enjoy Easter on the islands.

If you are joining us this year at Sunset at the Palms for Easter, expect to find Easter Specialties along with our usual offerings.  There will be additional fish offerings throughout the weekend, the traditional Jamaican Bun and Cheese, as well as a special Easter punch/mocktail designed by our very talented bartenders.

If you are interested in attending one of the local Easter Services, there are schedules posted at the Front Desk.

Whether you are planning to visit, have stayed with us in the past, or have the joy of being with us for this holiday, we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!


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