A Fun Day with The Family at Jam West Adventure Park

When Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park got started more then a decade ago, it was simply called Jamwest Speedway. Since then it has expanded substantially, but it still retains that original love of adventure. The speedway as well as the surrounding natural environment have been enhanced to provide families with an all-around fun and exciting getaway.

Reggae Zip-Line

Zip-lining is one of the most exciting activities you can do and with the Reggae Zip-Line Tour, you’ll get a view of the gorgeous, natural environment from high above the trees. You’ll also pass over the Jamwest Speedway, plus mountains and the Caribbean. Each platform is themed in a unique way and the zip-line will transport you to the next platform along a series of towers. This is a great way to spend time with the family and everyone is invited to zip-line.

You’ll leave the clubhouse in a group to head out on your zip-line tour. Each tour is around an hour and a half long. To start off, you’ll climb up a 60-foot tower. All-in-all, you’ll glide on 2,000 feet of zip-line. When the tour is finished, a Jeep will take you to the clubhouse where you can talk about your experience over lunch.

The guides are highly trained and always make sure to put safety first. You’ll be equipped with safety gear includes gloves, a helmet and a harness. You’ll also go through a quick training program to learn the basics of zip-lining before you get out there to experience the real thing. Throughout the tour, you’ll learn about the history and ecology of the area.

Roots ATV Tour

The Roots ATV Tour will take you and your family through a variety of terrain. Pass through mangrove forests and then head to the beaches of the nearby fishing village. Don’t worry if it’s raining – you’ll still have a great time on the ATV Tour, which goes on rain or shine!

To make sure everyone stays safe, your tour guides will provide you with goggles and helmets. The ATVs are all automatic, making them easy for people of any skill level to drive them. You’ll start off in a training area where you’ll take a few practice laps to get used to driving the ATV. You’ll also be able to keep your personal belongings with you on the ATV thanks to the equipment boxes that are on the back of the vehicles.

Rock Safari Tour

With the Rock Safari Tour, you can experience three different natural environments, including grassland, wetlands and rainforest. Since the safari tour takes you through the wildlife preserve, chances are good that you’ll see plenty of animals. In the wetlands, see the gorgeous and amazing biodiversity up close. When you’re on the boardwalks, you may spot iguanas, snakes, tortoises and even crocodiles. When you head to the spring ponds and natural lakes, you’ll see birds living in their natural habitat. While you’re on the trail, the botanists, zoologists and tour guides will tell you about all of the animals and plants you pass by.

In addition to these exciting adventure tours, Jam West Adventure Park has a bird sanctuary, where you can relax and enjoy some of the most beautiful birds of Jamaica and the Caribbean.

You can get more information or book your tours with transportation through the Sunset at the Palms concierge desk via (876)-957-5350 or via email.


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